Spring 2020

CS355 Topics in Cryptography - Co-Instructor

Taught by Saba Eskandarian, Dima Kogan, and Florian Tramèr at Stanford

Selected anonymous feedback:

This was one of my favorite courses so far at Stanford. You learn things that feel like they should be impossible. Florian, Dima, and Saba are experts in their field, and do an excellent job at conveying really complex information in a way that students who are relatively new to cryptography can understand.
An absolutely fantastic course. I already have a list of side projects, white papers, books, and other publications that I'm excited to read about in my spare time to dig deeper into the world of cryptography!
Great course, absolutely take it if you're interested in modern cryptography
Great course! If you're interested in cryptography, take it! All the instructors are very enthusiastic, and explain the content in a way that's very understandable. Furthermore, the content is so interesting and relevant!

Spring 2019

CS355 Topics in Cryptography - Co-Instructor

Taught by Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Dima Kogan, and Florian Tramèr at Stanford

Selected anonymous feedback:

Best class I have taken at Stanford so far. Dima, Florian, and Henry are experts in their field. They also happen to be super passionate, funny, clear, and compassionate instructors. It is clear that this is class is designed to have you deeply appreciate incredible results in cryptography with as little stress and as much as support as possible.
Fantastic course! You'll learn a great deal about some really interesting topics in crypto (fully homomorphic, multi-party computation, differential privacy, etc.). All the instructors are _fantastic_ and know a lot about their material. Start early on the problem sets !
Incredibly worthwhile class! The instructors are fantastic (very knowledgeable, great lecturers, and passionate about cryptography) and the problem sets are hard but rewarding. Going to office hours and having friends to check PSETs with is very necessary.
One of the best courses I've taken at Stanford. A great followup to CS255 if you liked the material there. I was initially intimidated by the mathematical formality of the psets, but I persisted and it was totally worth it. The instructors are PhD students who know their stuff so well and they clearly love to teach this material. They're the nicest, most amazing instructors. I'm so glad that I took this course. Highly recommended!

Spring 2018

CS355 Topics in Cryptography - Teaching Assistant

Taught by Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Sam Kim, and David Wu at Stanford

Selected anonymous feedback:

Florian provided a ton of help in office hours, explaining concepts from lecture clearly and providing advice on the pset problems without giving away the answers to the questions.
Florian was very helpful in office hours going over PSET problems: helping clarify problem statements, guiding us to the answer without simply giving it away.

Spring 2016

Mobile Networks - Teaching Assistant

Taught by Jean-Pierre Hubaux at EPFL